Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Vehicles Can be Wrapped?

Wrap film is recommended for new or reconditioned cars. Older vehicles that have dents, scratches, rust and other damage may be visible through the wrap. These defects may cause the wrap to look unappealing, in these cases, we recommend body repair first and wrap after. Concept Wraps warranty only covers vehicles that have an excellent paint-to-substrate bond.

2) Can Wrap Film be Applied Wet?

No, at Concept Wraps, we install all wrap films dry, Avery and 3M have an air-release adhesive material that does not require the use of soap and water to install.

3) Can an Adhesive Primer Be Used on Deep Channels or Contoured Areas?

Yes, in rare occasions such as complex curves or deep channels.

4) What detergent should I use to clean my car wrap?

Use a mild car cleaning detergent with a pH balance between 5 and 9.

5) When should I clean my vehicle after getting it wrapped?

The vehicles should not be cleaned within the first 48 hours of the wrap being applied, after this wash your vehicle every 2 weeks.

6) Can I wax my vehicle if it has a car wrap?

Yes, use specific wax for matte finish, for gloss and satin any high-end wax is good.

7) Can I use a spray quick detailer on my vehicle car wrap?

Yes, this should be used as a drying helper after car wash, it will protect from UV rays and extend its life time, for matte film be sure to use a matte film only quick detailer.

8) How should I clean difficult spots on my car wrap?

Spot clean contaminants as soon as possible to avoid film damage. Start by soaking with hot soapy water, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe, if not enough use a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and spot clean the film. For difficult stains use all-purpose cleaner, be sure to test the product on a non-conspicuous area before to ensure it will not change the finish and colour of the film first. properly.

9) How Do I Store My Wrapped Vehicle?

Store your wrapped vehicle in a garage or shaded area. Sun exposure, dew, rain and acidic pollutants can damage the wrap, particularly the hood, roof and trunk lid. Use a cloth cover if shielded parking isn’t available. If the wrap becomes discoloured or turns brown due to acidic pollution, have it removed by a professional from Just Wrap. This prevents stains to the underlying paint.